Team Coordinator

Maurizio Grassini

Research Center

Name - University of Florence – Dipartimento di Studi sullo Stato

Address - Via delle Pandette, 21 50127 Firenze, Italy

Fax - +39 055 4374919

Website -

Team Members

  • Maurizio Grassini
  • Rossella Bardazzi
  • Leonardo Ghezzi

Inforum Model(s)

Sectors - 59


  • Almon, C. and M. Grassini (2004), How much can investment change trade patterns? An application of dynamic input-output models linked by international trade to an Italian policy question, in Dietzenbacher E., Lahr M. (eds), Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics, Cambridge University Press.
  • Bardazzi R., Grassini M. (2004), Measuring the Economic Impact of the Eastern European Enlargement on a EU Member State. The Case of Italy, in Deardorff A. (ed), The Past, Present and Future of the European Union, Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Bardazzi R., Grassini M. (2003), Methodological Framework and Simulations for Evaluating the Impact of EU Enlargement on the Italian Economy, Rivista di Politica Economica, Marzo-Aprile, 2003.
  • Bardazzi, R. (2001), Cohort, Age on Year Effects on Italian Household Consumption in Grassini (ed.) (2001).
  • Bardazzi, R. (2001), A Long-run Disaggregated Cross-section and Time-series Demand System: an Application to Italy.
  • Grassini, M. (2001), The Core of the Multisectoral INFORUM Model, in Grassini (ed.) (2001).
  • Grassini, M. (2001), Contributions on Multisectoral Modeling, Centro Editoriale Toscano, Firenze.
  • Grassini, M. (2001), Eastern Enlargement of the EU: Economic Costs and Benefits for the EU Member States. The Case of Italy, Study prepared for the Commission of the European Community DG Budget, Final report.
  • Bardazzi, R. (2000), Effects of the changing structure of population on Italian consumption, paper presented at the XIII International Conference on Input-Output Techniques, University of Macerata
  • Bardazzi, R., Barnabani, M. (1998), Modelling zero expenditures on Italian household consumption, Economic Notes, 27, pp. 55-96.
  • Bardazzi, R. (1996), A Reduction of Social Security Contributions: Which Alternatives for a Financing Coverage?, Economic Systems Research, Vol. 8, no 3.
  • Bardazzi, R., Grassini, M., Longobardi, E. (1991), Value-Added Taxes and Other Indirect Taxes in EEC Country Model: The Italian Case, Economic Systems Research, Vol. 3, no 1.

Working Papers

Conference Presentations

Hosted Conferences

  • IWCV - Bertinoro, Italy (1997)
  • IWCVIII - Bertinoro, Italy (2000)
  • IWCXII - Marina di Ascea-Velia, Italy (2004)


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