Inforum Models

Inforum specializes in the construction of economic models and the use of these models for forecasting and policy analysis. Inforum's fleet of models includes macroeconomic models, macro-industry models, international models, and a demographics model. Additional work includes regional models, specialized industry models, and specialized models are constructed as needed.

Macroeconomic-Industry Models
Lift Includes 110 producing sectors for the U.S.
Iliad Includes 360 producing sectors for the U.S.
Mudan A national model of China
Macroeconomic Models
Quest Quarterly U.S. model
International Models
International System and the Bilateral Trade Model 13 countries, 120 commodities
Demographics Models  
Demographic Projection Model Long-run demographics and population forecasting tool of the U.S.
Regional Models
STEMS The STEMS model provides detail for 50 states and Washington, D.C.
CHIOMS The Chinese Input Output Modeling System (CHIOMS) is an economic model of the provinces of China.


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