The Fourteenth Inforum World Conference in Traunkirchen, Austria

The fourteenth conference was held in Traunkirchen, Austria from September 11-15, 2006.

Traunkirchen is in the Salzkammergut region of Austria, which is a resort area east of Salzburg. Traunkirchen is located on the shores of the Traunsee. It is known for its medieval monestery and 17th century church. Nearby towns include Hallstadt, an ancient salt mining villiage, and Bad Ischl, where the last Austrian emperor spent his vacations.


Program for the Fourteenth World Inforum Conference
Traunkirchen, Austria
2006 September 11 - 15


Monday, September 11

Session 1 - (Chairperson: Toshiaki Hasegawa)

Clopper Almon (Presented by Douglas Meade) (USA) "TINY - Interdyme"

Paul Salmon (France) - "Modeling and New Technologies"

Session 2 - (Chairperson: Douglas Meade)

Somprawin Manprasert (Thailand) - "A Thai Interindustry Dynamic Model for Government Budget Evaluation: An Application from GUI-TIDY"

Bernhard Böhm and Josef Richter (Austria) - "AEIOU - Towards a New Austrian INFORUM Model"

Gazi Özhan (Turkey) - "Input-Output Structure of the North Cyprus Economy"

Astra Auzina and Velga Ozolina (Latvia) - "The Development of the Latvian INFORUM Model"

Lindi Mulder (South Africa) - "The South African INFORUM Model - An Introduction"

Tuesday, September 12

Session 3 - (Chairperson Li Shantong)

Toshiaki Hasegawa (Japan) - "Time Series Data of Japanese Capital Stock by Sector" (Appendix)

Wolfgang Koller (Austria) - "Commodity-by-Commodity Input-Output Matricies: Extensions and Experiences"

Douglas Meade (USA) - "What is Real Value Added?"

M. Field (Presented by Doug Nyhus) (USA) - "Balancing Matrixes with Externally Imposed Preconditions"

Session 4 - (Chairperson: Bernd Meyer)

Juan Carlos Collado (Spain) - "The Impact of Oil Prices on the Maritime (Seaports) Traffic Flows"

Jeff Werling (Presented by Ronald Horst) (USA) - "The Inforum LIFT Model: Analysis of Illegal Immigration"

Lucja Tomaszewicz and Iwona Swieczewska (Poland) - "Intersectoral Diffusion of Innovation. The Case of Poland."

Jakub Boratynski (Poland) - "Changes in income generation patterns in Poland"

Michal Przybylinski (Poland) - "Changes in Polish Foreign Trade and their Impact on the Economy"

Wednesday, September 13 - EXCURSION

Thursday, September 14

Session 5 - (Chairperson: Juan Carlos Collado)

Maurizio Grassini (Italy) - "A Bilateral Trade Tool for EU25"

Tiiu Paas (Estonia) - "Regional Income Disparities: Convergence or Divergence within EU-25"

Mariusz Plich (Poland) - "Modelling Polish Insurance Industry"

Ronald Horst (USA) - "Extensions of G7"

Session 6 - (Chairperson: Maurizio Grassini)

Bernd Meyer (Germany) - "National Economic Policy Simulations with Global Interdependencies. A Sensitivity Analysis for Germany."

Shantong Li, Jianwu He, Z. Xu (China) - "The Impact of the Increase of Energy Price on China's Economy and Income Distribution"

Marat Uzyakov (Russia) - "Development Trends of Russian Economy"

Asia Akhmerova and Rafael Uzyakov (Russia) - "Monetary Policy and Inflation in Russia"

Alexander Shirov and Ksenia Savchishina (Russia) - "Foreign Trade and State Budget Interrelations"

Georgy Serebryakov (Russia) - "Personal Consumption Expenditures in Russia"

Friday, September 15

Session 7 - (Chairperson: Gabrielle Antille Gaillard)

Douglas Nyhus (USA) - "Towards a Dynamic Sectoral Modeling System for China: Initial Results"

Yinchu Wang (China) - "A Small Region Development Model with Population and Economy Linkage"

Mitsuhito Ono (Japan) - "Development of JIDEA 6, Current position of development"

Yasuhiko Sasai (Japan) - "On the Capital Matricies of JIDEA 6"

Takeshi Imagawa (Japan) - "On the Depreciation Sector of JIDEA 6" (Slides)

Kenichi Shiraishi - "Influence of Indirect Tax Change on Japanese Economy in JIDEA dynamic model" (Slides)

Session 8 - (Chairperson: Douglas Nyhus)

Rossella Bardazzi (Italy) - "Health Care Services Demand in Italy"


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