Team Coordinator

Dieter Gstach

Research Center

Name - Department of Quantitative Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Address - Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna Austria

Telephone - +43 (1) 31336-4965

Fax - +43 (1) 31336-755

Team Members
  • Dieter Gstach
  • Bernhard Boehm
  • Josef Richter
  • Margit Reischer
  • Florian Schwendinger
  • Christian Sommeregger
Inforum Model(s)
  • Sectors - 60
  • Note - Research to build a new model was made possible by a grant from the Austrian National Bank. To some extent the work on AEIOU (finished in January 2007) will serve as background information.
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Conference Presentations


Hosted Conferences

  • IWCXIV - Traunkirchen, Austria (2006)


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