The Twentieth Inforum World Conference in Florence, Italy

The twentieth Inforum World Conference was held in Florence, Italy from September 2nd to September 9th, 2012. The conference hosts were Inforum's Italian partners at IRPET, The Regional Institute for Economic Planning of Tuscany, and the University of Florence. Information regarding registration, paper submission, the conference schedule, and more is available here.


The Twentieth Inforum World Conference
Florence, Italy
September 2 - September 8, 2012

Monday, 9/3/2012

Douglas Meade (USA) "Multifactor Productivity Measurement and Forecasting in the Inforum LIFT Model" (Slides)

Kirsten Wiebe (Germany) "Modeling technological change in the renewable electricity generation sector"

David Mullins (South Africa) "Analysis of South Africa's Petroleum Sector - A Partial Inforum Application"

Mariusz Plich (Poland) "Modeling the impact of possible shale gas extraction in Poland"

Velga Ozolina & Astra Auzina-Emsina (Latvia) "Foreign Trade Changes and Sectoral Development in Latvia: Comparison of the Baltic States"

Vadim Gilmundinov (Russia) "Influence of Monetary and External Trade Shocks on Russian Economy"

Leonardo Ghezzi (Italy) "The Household Consumption system in DANTE: A PADS for Italy"

Li Shantong, He Jianwu, & Ni Hongfu (China) "Relationship of Demographic Structural Change to Consumption Structure and Saving Rate"

Tuesday, 9/4/2012

L. Cherubini & R. Paniccia (Italy) "A Multi-regional Structural Analysis of italian economy"

Toshiaki Hasegawa (Japan) "External Backward Linkage and External Forward Linkage in Asian International Input-Output Table" (Slides)

Gustavo Felix (Mexico) "The Mexican Inforum Model: MidMex"

Alexander Shirov (Russia) "Russian economy long-term forecast 2012-2030"

Stefano Rosignoli (Italy) "Regional SAM for policy analisys : the case of Tuscany"

Grossman, Hohmann, & Wiebe (Germany) "Introduction to Portable Dyme"

Wednesday, 9/5/2012

Li Shantong, Wu Sanmang, & He Jianwu (China) "Study on the driving forces of Regional GDP"

Josef Richter (Austria) "Assessing the impact of an increase in tourists' expenditure"

Ron Horst & Jeff Werling (USA) "Defense Spending Cuts: The Impact on Economic Activity and Jobs"

Vadim Potapenko (Russia) "The long term forecast of Russian pension system to 2030"

Savchishina Ksenia (Russia) "Budget restrictions of the Russian economic development in long-term prospect"

Paul Salmon (France) "Madiba, a Inforum Model for Cameroon"

Rossella Bardazzi (Italy) "Energy Taxes in a Multisectoral INFORUM-type Model"

Baranov, Gilmundinov, Pavlov, & Tagaeva (Russia) "Forecast for the Development of the Russian Economy for 2012 - 2015 Using the Dynamic Input - Output Model"

Douglas Nyhus (USA) "China: Input-Output Tables 1992-2010"

Lucja Tomaszewicz & Joanna Trebska (Poland) "Flow of Funds Accounts Based on European System of Accounts"

Friday, 9/7/2012

Satoshi Inomata (Japan) "Trade in Value-Added: A new perspective of international trade"

A. Yantovsky & G. Serebryakov (Russia) "Effects of Common Economic Space Creation"

Ron Horst (USA) "Inforum in 2012: Information and Technology" (Slides)

Clopper Almon (USA) "Towards a Cross-Platform Version of G7" (Slides)

Yinchu Wang & Cui Yong (China) "A User Interface for Running G7 Macro Model" (Slides)

Mariusz Plich (Poland) "Practical applications of National Accounts data in supporting commercial activities of an international B2B collection agency"

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