The Twenty First Inforum World Conference in Listvyanka, Russia

The twenty-first Inforum World Conference was held in Listvyanka, Russia from August 25th to September 1st, 2013. The conference hosts were Inforum's Russian partners at Novosibirsk State University. Listvyanka sits on the coast of one of the world's largest and deepest freshwater lakes, Lake Baikal. It is less than 70 kilometers (43 miles) from Irkutsk, one of Siberia's largest cities.

Papers, presentations, and photos are available below.



The Twenty First Inforum World Conference
Listvyanka, Russia
August 25 - September 1, 2013

Monday, 8/26/2013

Toshiaki Hasegawa (Japan) Gravity Analysis of Regional Economic Interdependence

Alexander Baranov, Victor Pavlov, & Victor Suslov (Russia) The System of Dynamic Input-output Models for Forecasting the Development of Russian Economy at the National and Regional Levels

Alexander Shirov (Russia) Structure changes and economic growth

Maurizio Grassini (Italy) Much Algebra, Little Economics: Linkages in Input-Output Modeling

Clopper Almon (USA) Progress on Linux and Cross-Platform Version of Inforum Software (Slides)

Tuesday, 8/27/2013

Mariusz Plich (Poland) Long-term Changes in the Polish Economy in the Perspective of Extraction of Shale Gas

Lenar Safiullin & N.Z. Safiullin (Russia) Competitiveness of Russian Regions by Industry by Economic Activity

Shantong Li & Jianwu He (China) Structure Change of Chinese Economy 2007-2010

Ulriki Lehr (Germany) 20% by 2020? Economy-wide impacts of energy efficiency improvement in Germany (Slides)

Ulriki Lehr (Germany) Green Jobs? Renewable Energy in Germany (Slides)

Vadim Gilmundinov (Russia) Estimation of Transition to Inflation Targeting for Russian Economy Development

Remigijs Pocj & Velga Ozolina (Latvia) Macroeconomic Modeling and Elaboration of the Macro-Econometric Model for the Latvian Economy

Ksenia Savchishina (Russia) Economy as Part of Common Economic Space: Analysis and Forecast

Wednesday, 8/28/2013

Douglas Meade (USA) Industry and Macro Implications of New Natural Gas Supplies

Rossella Bardazzi (Italy) Exit from the Euro? Provisional first-impact effects for Italy with INTIMO

Leonardo Ghezzi (Italy) The EU Fiscal Compact for Italy. A preliminary analysis using DANTE.

Nailya Bagautdinova (Russia) The Transformation of Region's Economic Area Governed by the Development of Industrial Region

Thursday, 8/29/2013

Astra Auzina-Emsina (Latvia) Portable Dyme for Latvia's Economy

Loreto Beiritz (Germany) Export induced R&D-expenditures in Germany

Nikita Suslov (Russia) Inter-Sector Inter-Region Analysis: Estimating Consequences of Realization of Large Investment Projects in Energy Sector of Russian Economy

Sonya Kaminova (Russia) Current Progress on the RIM Model

Thursday, 8/29/2013

Yinchu Wang (China) The Conversion and Adjustment of National IO Table Series from WIOD - The Case of Turkey

Vadim Potapenko (Russia) The Consequences of Social Security Rates Changes in Russia

Other Presentations

Ron Horst (USA) Inforum Software Development in 2013


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