The Nineteenth Inforum World Conference in Hazyview, South Africa

The nineteenth Inforum World Conference was held in Hazyview, South Africa from August 21st to August 28th, 2011. Hazyview is near the Kruger National Park and is located about seven hours from OR Tambo International Airport. Accomodations were provided at the Hippo Hollow Country Estate.



The Nineteenth Inforum World Conference
Hazyview, South Africa
August 21 - August 28, 2011

Ronald Horst (USA - Not Present) "Inforum Software Development in 2011"

Clopper Almon (USA) "Running Interdyme Models in G"

Jeff Werling (USA) "U.S. Economic Review and Outlook"

Gazi Ozhan (Turkey) and Yinchu Wang (China) "The Simulation of Household Consumption of TURINA"

Jeaunes Viljoen (South Africa) "Long-Term Forecast of the South African Economy"

David Mullins (South Africa) "Analysis of South Africa's Electricity Sector"

V. Gilmundinov and T. Tagaeva (Russia) "The Influence of Intersectoral Ecological Competition Limitations in Russia"

Alexander Shirov (Russia) "New Properties of the Model RIM. Assessment of the Potential Growth of the Russian Economy"

Mikhail Gusev (Russia) "The Limits to Russia's Economy Growth: Lack of Labor Force, Labor Productivity, and Trade Balance"

Gazi Ozhan (Turkey), Yinchu Wang (China), and Meral Ozhan (Turkey) "A Macroeconomic Model for North Cyprus: MEMNC"

Toshiaki Hasegawa (Japan) "Offshoring of Service Industry in Japan"

Maurizio Grassini (Italy) "Some of the Value Added Components in the Price Equations"

Leonardo Ghezzi (Italy) "The DANTE Model: Progress and Plans"

Kirsten Wiebe and Christian Lutz (Germany) "Accounting for Global Resource Consumption and Embodied CO2 Emissions Using GRAM"

Christian Lutz (Germany) "Energy modeling with PANTA RHEI"

Frank Hohmann (Germany) "MapView: Providing GIS Functionality for Multi-Regional INFORUM Models"

Wu Haiying and Shengchu Pan (China) "Forecasting International Oil Price Using an ECM Model"

Shantong Li and Sanmang Wu (China) "Regional Structure Change in China: Based on IO Ananlysis 1987-2007"

Jianwu He (China) "China's Regional Economy - IO Analysis"


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