The First Inforum World Conference at Rennes, France

At the International Input-Output conference in Seville, in 1993, the Inforum partners had a special meeting of their own, at the distinguished Hotel Simon, and discussed future plans. At that meeting, it was decided that we would meet from now on once a year to share ideas, present papers, teach use of Inforum software, and enjoy each others' company.

In early September, 1993, Paul Salmon of the University of Rennes hosted the 1st International Inforum Conference. This conference was attended by members from 15 countries, and lasted from August 30 until September 3. In the mornings, general issues of modeling and input-output were discussed, followed by hands-on training sessions in Interdyme in the afternoons. Although many of the partners had visited Inforum at the headquarters in Maryland, many had not met each other before, and never before had everyone been together in one location. The experience was valuable for everyone involved. Several groups expressed interest in hosting the next Inforum conference. Finally, it was agreed that the 1994 conference would be hosted by Dr. Bernd Meyer and Inforge, in Osnabrueck Germany. This conference would take place from September 26 until September 30. News on that conference will be found at this page.

Here is a picture of many of the participants at the Rennes conference, looking happy after a tasty lunch outdoors on a beautiful September day in Rennes:

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